Custom Slate Coaster, Personalized Housewarming Gift

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Personalized laser-engraved sleek dark gray slate coasters.

You have the option of ordering one individual coaster, a set of two coasters, a set of three, or a set of four coasters from the drop down menu. Each set of coasters will be engraved with the same design. *Please note that the quantity from the drop down menu = # of different designs.

Example 1 --- Quantity: 1, Set of: 4 (= 4 coaster all with the same design)
Example 2 --- Quantity: 3, Set of: 1 (= 3 coasters with 3 different designs)

Quantity (from drop down menu) = # of unique designs


- Round natural and untreated slate: 4" diameter
- ~0.2" thick
- 4 rubber tabs to prevent scratches

Your coasters will be engraved with an "&" and two letters of your choosing. The design will look like the first image unless it is clearly requested otherwise.

These are natural slate coasters. It is their nature to chip slightly, but this will not impact the functionality. Every slate coaster will be slightly different.


To check out, please leave instructions and information in the NOTES section in your shopping cart. We will design your item as shown in the first image of the listing, e.g., if the first image shows all letters in UPPERCASE, we will design your item in all UPPERCASE, even if the note is left as “Elisa”. Some fonts are only available in all uppercase or all lowercase. If you would like to change the case from what is shown in the first image, a clear message must be left saying "keep font case as left in notes". If additional personalization is selected (e.g., on the back of an item), we will carry over our design to match the front if a design is not shown (for the back). We copy and paste your notes, so be sure to double check spelling.

To check out, please leave instructions in the NOTES section in your shopping cart with exact words and case (we will copy and paste as is), so if you do "jgd" in lowercase, we will engrave it in lowercase unless specifically requested otherwise.

If you are particular about your design, please be very specific in the NOTES section at checkout as to how you want it to read or look (e.g., as in photo, centered, top bottom, justified to the left or right, etc.). If it's not specified, we will set it up as in the photos or at our discretion. We design each item with a both an artistic and a critical eye to ensure you are getting a well-designed piece. You can always attach a photo of your requested layout.

Proofs are available for purchase below, as this does slow down our production time. If no proof is purchased and one is requested, we will move forward with your order without any prior communication.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR UPLOADING IMAGES: To use your own image for your order, “Contact the Shop” using Etsy’s email system after purchase. Please upload an image or photo by attaching the image for your order using the "attach image" button. Please keep words, phrases, and/or characters within the limit listed. We will move the words around so they will fit onto your piece, but we will not alter any of the words/images themselves. NOTE ABOUT IMAGES: The clearer the image, the better the result. When sending photos, note that the bigger the image, the better the quality and result of your product. High quality images are your best option, yet we can still mark any image given to us. Well lit images without shadows work the best. A regular ink pen will give a thinner line, while Sharpies and wide tip markers will give a thicker/bolder result. We will contact you, if for some reason, we are unable to process your image.

Custom artwork and special graphics will only be engraved on one side. Special graphics are any designs not listed in the symbols or standard fonts images. If the listing does not specify it is for a special graphic, or you would like to add a special graphic to more than one side, please use link below under “EXTRAS” to purchase custom artwork/special graphics.

If engraving for front and back are chosen, but there are no specifications as to what is to be engraved on the back, it will be left blank.

Traditionally, a monogram has the last name initial as larger in the middle with first name initial to the left and middle name initial to the right. Please leave initials in the order you would like them engraved and indicate which initial should be larger than the other two. If no initial is specified as larger, then we will just make all the initials the same size.


All of our items are MADE TO ORDER and PERSONALIZED just for you. Graphics seen in the first photo “Our Design (photo 1)” can be used to personalize your piece. As all of our items are engraved to order, these graphics are considered a personalization.

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