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Luxuriously thick pet ID tag personalized with your pet's info. 

Our copper and brass tags have a brushed and lacquered finish that will help delay its natural ability to oxidize (tarnish or turn brown). Copper is a soft metal, so it is much easier to add "character" (dings and dents) than brass or stainless steel. Anodized aluminum tag will not rust, tarnish, discolor, or flake, but the metal will wear away faster if there's friction from another metal tag. Aluminum is extremely lightweight, so it's ideal if you're looking for a minimal tag your pet will barely notice.

Your pet ID tag will be engraved with your pet’s name, your contact info, and the special design graphics shown in the first image.

• • • • G R E A T • • T O • • K N O W • • • •
Material: pure copper, pure brass, pure stainless steel, or anodized aluminum
Thickness: 1.8 - 2.2 mm

Small ♥ 36*18mm ♥ fits 3/8" nylon webbing collar
Medium ♥ 41*22mm ♥ fits 5/8" nylon webbing collar
Large ♥ 46*27mm ♥ fits 3/4" nylon webbing collar
X-Large ♥ 51*33mm ♥ fits 1" nylon webbing collar


H O W ∙ ∙ T O ∙ ∙ O R D E R

-- M E N U --- O N E --
1) SIZE: choose tag size (e.g., small, medium, large, or x-large)
2) MATERIAL: choose Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel, or Anodized Aluminum (various colors)

-- M E N U --- T W O --
∙ ∙ 1 Phone Number ∙ ONE phone number for contact info
∙ ∙ Up to 4 Lines ∙ up to 4 lines total with a maximum of 55 characters for contact info

--- F O N T --- L E A V E -- I N -- N O T E S --

1) Check out our pet tag font list

--- S Y M B O L S --- L E A V E -- I N -- N O T E S --

1) Choose a SYMBOL  ** does not apply to tags with special graphics **

We will copy and paste text case and all information, so please be sure to leave your notes as you'd like to see them personalized (UPPERCASE, Title Case, or lowercase). We will use Title Case or lowercase for script fonts even if the note for your pet's name is in all uppercase.

TAGS WILL NOT FALL OFF - This tag stays in place on your dog or cat's nylon webbing collar without any chance of falling off. If you have a standard nylon webbing collar that is approximately 1/8" thick, this is the tag for you. Please note it is not designed to be used on leather, thin nylon, or fabric collars.

FITS ADJUSTABLE COLLARS - Fits where slide on tags won't. Specially made for adjustable collars with all the benefits of a slide-on collar tag. Curved to fit your pet's neck properly.

TEXT WON'T FADE - We use a laser to engrave your pet tag, so unlike paint, the lettering will not fade.

What will be engraved?

We have TWO pet id tag series: 

1. Choose your SYMBOL (choose your own font and one of our cute symbols)

2. Choose from one of OUR DESIGNS (choose your own font).  We will engrave all graphics seen in the first photo (except with YOUR pet's name/contact info).

**All pet tags have only one font option for CONTACT INFO.  It's a very legible font.


All of our items are MADE TO ORDER and PERSONALIZED just for you. Graphics seen in the first photo “Our Design (photo 1)” can be used to personalize your piece. As all of our items are engraved to order, these graphics are considered a personalization.

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Great communication! The tag is secure and won’t slide...

Great communication! The tag is secure and won’t slide off!