Etsy and I broke up, but we still love you, at least, I do! -Mini Wim Team

July 18, 2019

The Mini Wim Team has been bombarded with Etsy emails about abandonment. We have NOT abandoned you. Your orders will ship out as promised.  

This breakup, initiated and finalized by Etsy, was completely unexpected, as I'm almost sure I was putting more into the relationship than they were. Hmmm, relationships. Go figure.

We sell all the same products on as we did on Etsy, we'll just take every aspect up a notch, from improving production time to customer service, to show you how much we've appreciated your support the last 3 years.


Aranh and Mini Wim Team


Our old Etsy shops:




MiniWimTreeBorn ( treebornco )

MiniWimJewelry ( theLuxeJewelryco )

MiniWimHome ( foxandmoss )

MiniWimThreads ( TextilePrintCo )

MiniWimSilver ( SilverEtGoldCo )

MiniWimMsg ( lovemessageco )

MiniWimStamps ( inkgiftsco )

MiniWimDrink ( drinkgiftsco )


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