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Pet ID Tags

    Perfect Tag Size for Your Pet Breed

    Sizing Details and Suggestions

    These are just suggestions. Use the tag dimensions in each listing to determine the perfect size for your furry friend.

    Toy & Small Breeds, 1-10 pounds (Small or Medium) 

    Medium Breeds, 10-50 pounds (Medium or Large)

    Large Breeds, 50-100 pounds (Medium or Large) 

    Extra Large Breeds, 100-150 pounds (Large or X-Large)

    Quiet / Silent Pet ID Tag Sizes

    Your quiet pet tag size depends on your pet's existing collar. We have four sizes to choose from, ranging from 3/8" wide collars for toy breeds to 1" wide collars for larger breeds.

    TAGS WILL NOT FALL OFF - This tag stays in place on your dog or cat's nylon webbing collar without any chance of falling off. If you have a standard nylon webbing collar that is approximately 1/8" thick, this is the tag for you. Please note it is not designed to be used on leather, thin nylon, or fabric collars.

    FITS ADJUSTABLE COLLARS - Fits where slide on tags won't. Specially made for adjustable collars with all the benefits of a slide-on collar tag. Curved to fit your pet's neck properly.

    What Metal Should I Choose?


    Below are COLOR & METAL HARDNESS properties to consider when choosing your pet tag. The softer the metal, the more prone it is to dings and dents.

    Rated from hardest to softest:

    Stainless steel - thick & sturdy

    Aluminum - thick, sturdy & light

    Brass - thick & sturdy

    Copper - thick & sturdy

    Below are the COLOR CHANGE properties to consider when choosing your pet tag.

     Copper and brass will both tarnish/patina over time. These metals will develop tarnish and color changes from browns to blues and greens. Please see care instructions for details on how to clean tarnished tags.

    Stainless steel, 18k gold plated stainless steel and aluminum tags will not tarnish over time. 

    Anodized aluminum and 18k plated stainless steel color will wear away with constant friction against another metal object.

    All metal tag ENGRAVINGS will wear away with constant friction over time. To extend the life of your engraving, wipe the tag down with rubbing alcohol using a lint free rag and apply a coat of clear nail lacquer across the surface you’d like to protect. Reapply as needed. To remove, use a nail polish remover. Do NOT use a 100% acetone based nail polish remover as it will eat away at the black engraving.

    Customizing Your Pet ID Tag


        Our website allows you to build your own tag and see all the changes immediately.