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Garden Markers, Anodized Aluminum, Gardener Gift, Rose Markers, Set of 5, FAM10008


    This listing is for a set of 5 CUSTOM plant markers (up to two words on each tag).

    Tags: Thick, Durable Black Anodized Aluminum
    • 1.25 inch
    • Thickness: 1.2 mm
    • Aluminum tags are laser-engraved with plant name (the white lettering is engraved - it is not paint and will not wear off)

    Stakes: Galvanized steel post
    • ~ 9 inches

    These aluminum plant markers are functional and decorative. Each one is unique due to the creation process, but every one will be as cute as the next. These garden tags are sturdy and reminiscent of a chalk board. They will add character to any plant.

    This set includes 5 aluminum tags and 5 swirl stakes.

    These plant markers would make a great gift for those who love to garden.

    More about anodized aluminum!

    What Is Anodizing•
    Anodizing is a simple electrochemical process developed more than 75 years ago that forms a protective coating of aluminum oxide on the surface of the aluminum. Aluminum oxide is a hard, durable, weather resistant substance that protects the base metal. The coating grows from the base aluminum metal by this electrochemical process. The coating is integral to the metal and can not peel or flake.

    Advantages Of Anodizing
    - Anodizing is better for aluminum in high traffic areas where the coating is subject to physical abuse and abrasive cleaners.
    - Anodizing cannot peel off. The coating is actually part of the metal.
    - Anodizing is unaffected by sunlight.